Discussing Notre Dame’s Big Senior Day Victory over Florida State

November 12, 2018
Ben welcomes Nathan Erbach to the podcast (on the day after his bachelor party, no less) to discuss Notre Dame, the College Football Playoff, and everything in-between.
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Discussing 9-0, Special Teams, the Running Game, and the Playoff

November 5, 2018

Ben welcomes John (@jkznd4) to the podcast to discuss a win over Northwestern, poor special teams play, a lackluster running game, and much more. 



Discussing a Win Over Navy, Bachelor Party Stories, and the College Football Playoff

October 30, 2018

Ben welcomes Jack and Mason to the podcast. Jack tells stories from a Bachelor Party weekend in San Diego before the three discuss Navy, anxiety for the rest of the season, and the College Football Playoff. 


Talking College Football Craziness and Midseason Assessments

October 22, 2018

Ben welcomes Nathan Erbach and Paul Walsh to discuss a crazy Week 8 of college football and assess Notre Dame's play this season. Check out the Under the Dome Podcast at www.underthedomend.com.

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Discussing Notre Dame’s Playoff Hopes

October 12, 2018

Ben jumps on the airwaves to discuss the likelihood of Notre Dame making the College Football Playoff. What teams are locks to make it ahead of the Irish? Can the Irish get in with 1 loss? Is there a scenario where the Irish go 12-0 and miss the playoff? Ben talks about all this in more on the Under the Dome Podcast.


Virginia Tech Preview and College Football Playoff Discussion

October 4, 2018

Ben welcomes Nathan Erbach to the podcast. After a brief discussion of Notre Dame's win over Stanford, they preview Notre Dame's upcoming battle with Virginia Tech and discuss the likelihood of Notre dame reaching the College Football Playoff. 

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Reacting to the Stanford Win: How Good is Notre Dame?

October 2, 2018

Ben delivers a solo podcast, reacting to Notre Dame's win over Stanford. 


Wake Forest Wrap-Up and How the Irish Stack Up against Stanford

September 23, 2018

Ben welcomes Paul Walsh to the podcast to discuss Notre Dame's big win over Wake Forest. They discuss the play of Ian Book, the difference between Book and Brandon Wimbush, and how the Irish stack up with Stanford. 


Why Wake Forest Poses a Significant Challenge for Notre Dame

September 19, 2018

Nathan Erbach joins ben on the show to discuss the improvement we've seen on Notre Dame's offensive line, just how good the defense is, and who to keep an eye on from the Wake Forest Demon Decons. 


Vandy Reaction: An Anemic Offense, Quarterback Questions, and Season Outlook

September 16, 2018

Jack Leniart (@Leniart_ND) joins the show with Ben to discuss Notre Dame and Vandy. How big are Notre Dame's problems? Could (or should) Brian Kelly re-examine the quarterback situation? After one quarter of their schedule, what is the outlook for the rest of the season going forward?